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This event was a custom slow motion video activation for Sexy Hair for their product launch of 4Some for Men. Activation included custom overlay animation and filters. Guests could pick from a variety of models to have a “4Some” with in our custom shower. Guests recorded a 7 second video which was slowed down by 50% and converted to black and white with steam and water effects for realness. At the end, the steam intensifies and fogs up the lens revealing the #SexyHair4Some hashtag while a light transparency still keeps the motion behind the graphic active.

This activation was produced by Amy Jacobs of Chandelier Events along with Allison + Partners PR and Studio Z Photo Booths. Venue: Ward 111 in Tribeca New York City.


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Sexy Hair 4Some Product Infortmation:
A 4-1 hair, body, face, and beard wash made for men.

• Gentle & moisturizing enough to use daily on hair, body, face, and beard
• A captivating, energizing fragrance
• Great for travel & the gym

• Removes impurities and product residue
• Gentle & moisturizing enough to be used daily
• Great for using at home, travel or the gym