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15 Camera Array with LED Lighting in new york city

The Studio Z Camera Array is a scalable multi-camera array system that freezes a single moment in time and creates 3D GIF animations for instant sharing. When working with an array, depth is key. Our array works especially well with physical sets and backdrops to help embellish the 3D nature of the output. They are well suited to themed corporate parties and marketing activations. Our array is perfect for any event, small to large, that is looking a non-traditional photo booth that is on trend. With a small footprint, we can fit at events and activations that other camera arrays might not be able to.

Fully brandable and instant sharing to email and social media.

Camera Array GIF with two women posing for ASUS in front of the Las Vegas Skyline
Bullet Time camera array GIF of a man at a hot dog stand and a woman wearing a hot dog costume
Time Slice image of couple posing with a Screen Vision award
A woman jumps and is frozen in a 3D Animated GIFe as confetti floats around her
Bullet time camera array GIF of a beauty queen jumping in the air while holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Sirius XM Photo Booth at the Super Bowl in Minnesota
A camera array GIF with a woman and man on a bunk bed and having a pillow fight.
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Boomarray Rig at the Beach

Looking for a simpler solution, but with the same effect as our multi-camera array. Check our our Boomarray! It's perfect for outdoor events, locations with limited space and doesn't require access to electric for operation.

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